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To me each person, experience and connection is unique. I prefer to go with the flow and tailor each date to ensure  mutual mindblowing satisfaction.  This been said here are a few snippits both naughty and nice that can give you a little glimpse of the possibilities!
"Mia delivers exactly what she says she does and more. Every expectation was exceeded, and her expertise and attentiveness did not falter even once. We were all having such a good time that it would be a crime to have the date end, so we extended.. not once but twice. Words cannot explain how good this girl is at what she does, the transfer of her attention from my wife to me was seamless, and she paid equal attention to us both. You could tell that Mia truly loves what she does, and it was so evident throughout the night."
"Mia is as attentive with a girl as she is with a guy. Not only was it not intimidating watching her get intimate with my hubby, it was a massive turn on. Within a couple of kisses from her gorgeous soft lips, I was completely hooked and up for anything. She knew exactly when to take charge, and when to let things flow naturally. She has a way of relaxing even the most nervous person . She is equal parts fantasy and down to earth, packaged into a perfectly toned and tanned body (with possibly the best bum in the world)!"
"Try to find a word that combines sexy, beautiful, sultry, charming and ultra-hot all in one go. Struggling? Not possible? Then you've never met Mia!"
"Mia Monroe is a combination of all of this and so much more!"
"I've had the amazing pleasure and fortune of knowing Mia for a while now. From the very first time you meet this exquisitely stunning woman, you'll find yourself immersed in the most hedonistic experience you could ever possibly imagine. Mia absolutely oozes sex appeal and uses it to satisfy you in ways you've only ever dreamed of."
"We can talk about superior blowjobs (one of Mia's specialities), or her amazing love juice that she can squirt like no other, her dfk that's to die for or her pussy that tastes like heaven ..... and that's before we get into the intensity of her red hot and unparalleled skills in everything else that guarantees that you will place your encounter with Mia in your "Hall of Fame of Encounters!"
"In conclusion, Mia is nothing short of spectacular & she is most certainly one of the most exceptional & phenomenal ladies I've ever had the privilege of meeting. Not just because she's stunningly gorgeous & succeeds quite excellently to make the "Mia Monroe Experience" unforgettable, but also because she's down to earth, empathetic, genuine, intelligent, kind-hearted, mature & street smart, all well beyond her young years."
"Easily without a doubt, the greatest fuck I have ever had in my whole 14years of being sexually active! This girl is a dead set truly down to fuck nympho, Arrive there with a hard-on, leave with a fucking BONER! every time! I won"t go into detail; all must go and see for themselves, enjoy!"
"Mia is just so much fun to be with, the time just flew by, and 3hrs was not long enough either. Mia provides a total experience and goes out of her way to ensure that every minor detail is to your liking. The time I spent with Mia was just perfect in every way; there is not one thing I would change in the slightest. The only change would be to spend a longer time with her, which is what I intend to do in the future."
Still not convinced? I have well over 100+ reviews on the website Punter Planet (You will need to sign in to gain access). 


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