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Last minute bookings!


I just want to clear something up super quick!

When i list my hours that i am available, that is for pre-bookings only.

If you are after a last minute booking and i am able to cater, it will still take me one and half hours to finish up what i am doing and get ready.

I like to be fresh for each booking, so for that reason i don't wait around ready. Plus if i am not booked i will be off running errands, gyming it or doing assignments. Not sitting pretty waiting:) My parlor days are long gone!

Also whilst i am in class i don't carry my Mia phone around with me for obvious reasons so i wont be able to get back to your enquirers until i get home.

Of course, i will always try and be as flexible as possible just some of the "right now" requests i cannot cater too as they just are not realistic!

If you are after a girl last minute try

You can subscribe to my profile to be alerted when i am available last minute:)

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Love, Mia

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