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A few updates...

Hi there Gentleman,

A few things just to keep you all in the loop in the world of Mia.

Ive updated my availability page for the next 3 months now that i am back at class. As much as i truly adore seeing the horny hungry suitor last minute to scratch that sexy itch it just won't be possible for me during weekdays.

Weekends however! I can be much more flexible! You are welcome to try me. In between assignments i will defiantly enjoy some kinky distraction;)

I will be taking a break from the 28th July for approximately 2 weeks so if you think you will miss me best to get your before then...

Unfortunately i won't be able to tour for the next 4 months though i welcome dinner dates or overnight/overnight interstate trips on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday nights.

I am in the midst of creating a mini compilation of fun things to do or places to see for the gent who like the luxury of a more extended date so keep your eye out!

Until we meet...


Mia Monroe

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