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Tips for your booking!

Hiya Gentleman,

Just a quick note in hopes it will help you get the most out of our time together.

Some gentleman are more then happy to let our time together flow naturally with no expectations. I love that. It allows our chemistry to run a natural course and each connection is unique without expectations.

But...I also love fulfilling you. Should there be something in particular you are after please let me know. I'm an artist at many things but mind reading is unfortunately not one of them!

If you have a look that causes a stir down there and provided I have it I am more then happy to play dress up, or dress downs if that's your thing. I can wear anything you have seen me in during photoshoots or outfits you have seen on Twitter:)

Otherwise, you might like a theme and I can make an outfit up. Some ideas you may enjoy like:

  • Girl next door

  • Sexy lingerie with stockings and suspenders

  • Bikinis

  • A more risqué slutty look

  • School girl, secretary, dominatrix or maid

  • Or just casual in jeans and a top

Your wish is my command:)

I don't offer a GFE/PSE tier. Our time together isn't boxed. I do however offer a wide range of things I love doing. Should there be something you really enjoy or definitely want to try I would love to hear it and make sure we spend plenty of our energy quenching your thirst!

I prefer not to have a "list" of things to do. For me, it makes it feel mechanical and like I'm completing a to-do list rather providing pleasure. I'm a terrible actress and truly dislike having to fake enjoyment so for that reason only offer the things I absolutely love doing. Of course all sessions will include the usual sexy repertoire but should there be something out of the standard norm, let me know!

Peruse my reviews and experience page to gain an idea of some things that might be up your ally and when making a booking let me know so I can prepare accordingly!

If you find that all too much, you're unsure but just want a good time I'm more then happy to take the lead and see where time takes us!

Don't feel shy about telling me your wants and needs, my pleasuring is pleasing you. The more I know, the more pleasing I can do:)

Until we meet,

Love M

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