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Without sounding cold I'm get a tad tired lately of the whole "let's chat and see if we have a connection be we make a booking". There are a couple of reasons. First it's a common timewaster technique. I mean really common. As much as you assure me you are not, I don't know that. I just don't have the time to filter who is genuine and who isn't. Furthermore, I don't believe a phone call/back and forth texting is a good way to gauge connection. Second, I personally have put in hundreds of hours on my profile, advertisements and daily updates on twitter of my day-to-day life. Plus there are hundreds of hours of reviews from Gents from all walks of life who have been kind enough to describe our time together. Lastly I do offer a social date package at a reduced rate should you want to get to know me prior to a date. I hope this makes sense. This is my personal perspective and practice. There are ladies who's preference is to screen via a chat prior. In saying this, once a booking has been made and deposit paid I'm more then happy to have a chat and text to plan our naughty encounter. That I find can actually be quite a cheeky lead up... Until we meet... Love, Mia

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